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As you run your business in the cryptocurrency space, you need all the help you can get to make sure you keep your business running, and running smoothly. Less than pleasant days are inevitable, but there is a way to power through it all if you have the right team backing you up. 

As leading Cryptocurrency Lawyers in the United States, it is the dedication of Red Road Legal to provide reliable, consistent, and excellent legal service for businesses within the digital coin industry. Whether you’re a cryptocurrency wallet provider, a digital miner, a smart contract service firm, or simply an investor, Red Road Legal will help you get through the complications of the industry and guide you as you thrive within the cryptocurrency space.

As a firm, we have been in the cryptocurrency industry for years. We have represented companies across the country. We have guided our clients through regulatory policies and legal cases. Our lawyers are known for being experts in corporate law, intellectual property, regulatory compliance, commercial litigation, tax law, and employment law. Our specialization as a firm, however, is in cryptocurrency laws in the United States. 

California Attorney

Legal Consultant Cryptocurrency Lawyer

William S. Wenzel founded his law office with a vision of providing compassionate counsel to entrepreneurs and their businesses. Emphasizing distributed ledger technology integration, the office is outside general counsel to companies in industries like real estate, aerospace, technology, and finance.

Texas Attorney

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Lawyer

We are experienced Texas lawyers specializing in virtual currency, and Blockchain technology law. Before digital currency was on any type of mainstream commerce, our law firm has been at the forefront of the innovative applications of virtual currency in the American economy. 

Colorado Attorney

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Lawyer

Regarding cryptocurrency assets, securities registration and other related regulatory concerns in Colorado, we assist our clients by providing counsel in litigation and in the creation and implementation of smart contracts, Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), Tokenized Asset Offerings, and Security Token Offerings, we can offer our expertise on this matter as well.

Nationwide Consultation Service

As a cryptocurrency law firm, Red Road Legal has supported clients with:

  • Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

  • Regulation Compliance

  • Smart Contracts

  • Taxation 

With our help, your business will stay ahead of the regulations and guide your company as you thrive within this digitized economic space. Our experience in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is unparalleled. We operate with your goals in mind, so we can provide you with the best legal guidance. 

Having an expert team of cryptocurrency lawyers by your side can help you avoid unnecessary problems as you move forward. Get yourself an experienced law firm that can guide your business to success. Call Red Road Legal now so we can discuss your possibilities.