What is expert witness

Complete Guide: What Is An Expert Witness

All cases submitted to the court or tribunal require fact witnesses that would provide pieces of evidence and statements of what actually happened in an alleged crime. These are the people who are present on the scene at the time when the alleged crime occurred. However, there are circumstances wherein an expert witness attorney and parties cannot choose their own fact witnesses. For one, we can never tell if the statements presented by these witnesses can be absolutely true or are lacking, rigged, or biased. So with this, an expert witness lawyer comes in to act as an intermediary.

So What is an Expert Witness?

An expert witness is a person whose level of specialized knowledge or skill in a particular field qualifies them to present their opinion about the facts of a case during legal proceedings. These are the people who participated to give an opinion based on experience, knowledge, and expertise. They are hired in the tribunal to be an objective party to the lawsuit and will not act as an advocate for any side. Furthermore, the prime commitment of an expert witness is to supply unconventional, neutral, and unbiased evidence to the court or tribunal. In other words, this person is allowed to testify at a trial for the reason that this person has special knowledge or proficiency in a particular field that is relevant to the case. For example, a medical practitioner was hired as an expert witness for the reason that he or she was able to assist in more than a hundred of surgical procedures. Another example is that of a certified public accountant who was called upon as an expert witness because of his or her expertise is on accounting, auditing, business, and other financial matters. Also, unlike fact witnesses who are called upon by the court because they were at the scene at the time, an expert witness can be chosen by an attorney or a certain party.

There are different types of expert witnesses that are divided into five sub-categories, who can be hired in a case. One of the sub-categories is the financial expert witness.

A financial expert witness is usually called upon for cases involving financial-related crimes, such as fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, and even bribery and corruption. Often, financial experts are a fail-safe component of any white-collar crime case. Mostly, white-collar crimes are nonviolent crimes and are typically committed by business or government professionals whose purpose is to steal money and/or illegally generate large sums of money. Handling finances can be very complex because of the high number of transactions and record-keeping required of the field. With that in mind, as a chosen financial expert witness, one should expect to be involved in different types of industries, especially businesses and high-end companies.

Types of Expert Witnesses

  • Medical Expert Witness

  • Forensic Expert Witness

  • Financial Expert Witness

  • Securities Expert Witness

  • Vocational Expert Witness

There’s no scarcity of professionals to act as the financial expert witness, but a certain case requires a certain individual that matches the criteria, and Red Road Legal can help you in this situation.

What Then is Red Road Legal?

It is one of USA’s first BitCoin Law and block chain lawyers active in Southern California, Colorado, and Texas – country-wide, in fact. Emphasizing distributed ledger technology integration (DLT), which refers to an innovative mechanism and sharing data between multiple data storages, the office goes beyond general counsel to companies in industries like real estate, aerospace, technology, and finance. An expert witness lawyer from Red Road Legal offers legal services that match each of their clients’ business needs in this speedily progressing digital age, while also providing traditional representation and legal counsel on key business planning and business transactions, including intellectual property matters and everything that has to do with BitCoin Law for selling to your friends and family.

Red Road Legal doesn’t just focus on legal issues. Central to its profession, Red Road Legal is driven by solutions. Among other “cradle to sale” business legal services, the expert witness attorney firm provides formation planning, ICO/STO legal services, employee and asset acquisition, contract drafting and negotiation, governance, risk analysis, and mergers and acquisitions assistance. In addition to transactional work, the firm has a strong, consistent record of favorable business litigation outcomes in state and federal court.

With this vision, the Red Road Legal is set to provide expert witnesses that match each and every case. Moreover, this law firm follows certain rules while handling a case.

A Rebuttal Expert Witness Service

It was already mentioned prior that before an individual can be considered as an expert witness, he or she already should have enough knowledge, experience, and skills to give key points that the court or tribunal and the other individuals involved in the case needed to know. However, not everyone with experience, knowledge, and skills can be called upon to act as an expert witness because there are certain personal qualities that should be looked into before choosing one. A good expert witness, for one, always needs to have effective communication skills. One should be confident enough to explain scientific and technical words and convert these to layman terms so that those people who don’t have any single idea about them can also understand. An expert witness should also be detail-oriented and organized because, in litigation, every single detail is important. They should be keen on every detail that can help the case be more substantial. Furthermore, an expert witness should show that he/she is trustworthy. This will go back to how confident an expert witness delivers his or her opinion about their expertise relevant to the case. By speaking, they can prove that they are credible to stand as an expert witness by defending the analysis, conclusions, and expert opinions that they have at their disposal. Lastly, since being a financial expert witness is a tough business, one should be able to adapt to the stress and challenges present while handling a certain case. In all of the mentioned personal qualities, Red Road Legal surely passes them all.

Also, since there’s no insufficiency of professionals to stand as an expert witness, we should know that there will be a big number of individuals lined for the job. Finding an expert witness that suits to the case will be highly difficult, but with the help of an expert witness attorney from Red Road Legal, this will be easy. Red Road Legal will not just offer any expert witness. They’ll ensure that the chosen expert has the characteristics beyond the necessary credentials. They’ll be offering reports, transcripts, and publications to prove that they really understand the issue and can give his own perspective about the case base on his similar experience. Lastly, an expert witness lawyer from Red Road Legal will provide an expert witness that has reliable and undoubting expert witness who already handled a number of similar cases.

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