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Red Road Legal is one of Southern California USA’s first blockchain law offices – nationwide. William S. Wenzel founded his law office with a vision of providing compassionate counsel to entrepreneurs and their businesses. Emphasizing distributed ledger technology integration, the office is outside general counsel to companies in industries like real estate, aerospace, technology, and finance.

Red Road Legal offers legal services that fit each of our clients’ business needs in this rapidly evolving digital age, while also providing traditional representation and legal counsel on key business planning and business transactions, including intellectual property matters.

We don’t just focus on legal issues. Central to our profession, Red Road Legal is driven by solutions. Among other “cradle to sale” business legal services, the firm provides formation planning, ICO/STO legal services, employee and asset acquisition, contract drafting and negotiation, governance, risk analysis, and mergers and acquisitions assistance. In addition to transactional work, the firm has a strong, consistent record of favorable business litigation outcomes in state and federal court.

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Trust is the most valuable thing that can exist between a lawyer and client. By fostering an atmosphere of trust, we believe we can establish a stable, productive, and beneficial attorney-client relationship. At Red Road Legal, we do our best to earn and maintain your trust by putting integrity and commitment at the forefront of service.

Combining law expertise and long experience in law practice, we make sure to provide sound solutions to your business legal problems, firmly represent you in legal disputes, and deliver consistent, high-quality results in the most efficient way possible.

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As one of the leading technological innovations in the last decade, Blockchain and related distributed ledger technologies promise to transform the way we do business and change the methods we use in storing and transferring data. Blockchain is now making huge strides into the mainstream because of its revolutionary applications.

Now that virtual currencies are entering international markets, every company within the digital currency space is finding ways to make the most out of these markets, locally and internationally. Blockchains are utilizedto initiate initial coin offerings (ICOs), security token offerings (STOs), and other investment opportunities. Firms that are well-versed in these technologies can open up more earning opportunities in the crypto-asset space.

This new technology goes far beyond digital currency or cryptocurrency. Right now, multiple industries have discovered the utility of Blockchain and continue exploring its other potentials. For instance, Blockchain is a catalyst for positive change in real estate, media, healthcare, human resource management, financial services, retail, and manufacturing.

Blockchain-based financial platforms offer an efficient, secure, and transparent way of delivering financial services, such as insurance and investment funds, to individuals and businesses. This new technology can optimize the tracking of financial transactions, increase compliance, and strengthen protection from fraud. Blockchain technology was developed originally to get rid of fraud. Today, these platforms services business innovations to create a safer consumer and investment environment.

The financial industry is seeing evolution since the digital currency is slowly being incorporated into security laws. The trade of digital coin, raising of funds through Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), and increasing relevance of cryptocurrency will soon need the knowledge of financial advisers and brokers, modernizing a deeply traditional industry.

Blockchain can establish a decentralized record system to authenticate, track, and ensure the confidentiality of medical records. It can also store data on disease outbreaks to increase the effectiveness of disease control and disaster relief and response.

Even the Pharma industry can benefit from Blockchain-based technologies as it can provide a secure supply chain to make sure their products reach the right consumer. This particular industry has seen a long history of drugs being stolen because of inconsistencies in their systems despite various regulatory bodies implementing policies. With a transparent Blockchain, pharmaceutical companies can eliminate falsification of records and track their products as it moves into the market.

Medical developments in the pharmaceutical industry, particularly in the funding phase of developing new treatment methods and products, can be taken on a worldwide scale, as opposed to a more local approach traditionally. Bringing in Blockchain-related technologies into the Healthcare industry makes it easier for professionals to get funding from a worldwide public-private partnership pool. Companies can raise funds through Initial Coin Offerings and use cryptocurrency to fund research and development. The medical industry and digital currency elevate the transparency of both on a worldwide scale.

As Blockchain strengthens data storage and security, HR departments don’t have to worry about storing and protecting sensitive information relating to finance, salary, health insurance, etc. This new technology can also speed up employment screening, improve verification of digital identities, and enhance audit checks. When data is stored securely on the Blockchain, HR industries are more effective as regulatory divisions in companies. Clients can hire the ideal personnel quicker, and providing false information becomes impossible.

The manufacturing industry is now starting to channel its investment in a Blockchain-based platform that can optimize recording, tracking, and distribution of goods within a supply chain. Such a platform is also expected to increase collaboration on prototyping and proof-of-concept.

The incorporation of Blockchain-related technologies will inevitably bring up the use of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and other types of digital currency in the manufacturing industry.

Despite the growing utility of Blockchain technology, this new development will inevitably present new legal challenges that our legal and regulatory institutions need to address. In this case, a lawyer with the right qualifications is what your company needs to analyze new legal developments in Blockchain and related distributed ledger technologies and guide you on how to use these DLTs to your advantage without getting tangled in legal problems.

Red Road Legal is one of the leading law firms in the USA that has a long experience working for different industries like real estate, retail, and finance, where Blockchain technology is used. We offer our clients legal advice concerning policy, litigation, consumer protection, privacy and data security, and other business transactions and projects in connection to distributed ledger technology.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, owner of a big business, or an individual investor with an eye on innovating your business and who needs guidance in protecting your business investment, Red Road Legal is here to lend a hand in realizing your business goals.

Blockchain has the potential to strengthen intellectual property protection and registration. Through Blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies, you can now use smart contracts for the creation and enforcement of IP agreements and allow payment transfers to IP owners.

Those who have invested in the media industry are finding comfort because Blockchain-related technologies can be used to decentralize ledgers and have a transparent way of making transactions. They see their investments make dividends for them in a more transparent manner.

You can now conduct transactions with the introduction of Blockchain-based smart contracts that allow real estate assets to be tokenized and traded like cryptocurrency. This development can transform local and foreign real estate investment activities by cutting off middle-men, speeding up transactions, increasing liquidity, and protecting participants from fraud.

Cryptocurrency is helping modernize the real estate industry by making deals and exchanges into Blockchain-related decentralized ledgers. The exchange of digital currency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other kinds of virtual coins to buy and sell homes brought in transparency in the industry. Data management and storage in this business is more crucial than ever. The application of Blockchain-related technologies in storing and securing data and the incorporation of cryptocurrency is the innovation the real estate industry has to adapt.

When retail businesses accept cryptocurrency as a mode of payment, it it increases the liquidity of digital currencies. There are many retail businesses in the United States today that use digital currency to be more adaptable to their customers. With the use of digital currency, you can now buy goods and services without the need for a middle-man. Aside from Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple, there are other types of virtual coins and token that you can use as modes of payment in exchange for goods and services.

Blockchain Lawyers in The United States

Our lawyers are thought leaders in the cryptocurrency space. Guiding cryptocurrency investors and businesses, and providing each client with valuable insight and practical counsel, our lawyers have taken clients to success by cutting through the complications of cryptocurrency investment and the regulatory bodies that they encountered along the way. Red Road Legal attorneys are trained in cryptocurrency law, securities law, and commercial litigation. Their track record is recognized all over the world, from taking pro bono cases early in their careers, to being hailed as exceptional cryptocurrency lawyers in the USA that investors trust.

We create personalized solutions based on proven principles that have brought our clients the success they expect from competent Blockchain attorneys. We create opportunities for our clients to grow in the innovative space of digital assets. When it comes to protecting your assets and cryptocurrency, legal representation from Red Road Legal is your advantage. We are your legal partners in addressing concerns with the Securities and Exchange Commission, making the most out of your activities within capital markets, and your experts in arbitration. As legal professionals, we immerse ourselves in the nature of your business to bring you the most efficient solutions.

Every cryptocurrency lawyer on our team is an industry authority. We utilize every opportunity cryptocurrency opens up for your business, and make sure you come out as a better business on the other end. We provide legal assistance to our clients who are looking to make the most out of ICOs, setting up Smart Contracts, combing through the complexities of Federal and State Regulation, to name a few.

Red Road Legal is your trusted firm. We emphasize using cryptocurrency law to your advantage. Our priorities are always focused on what will bring you success in your respective industry, so you can focus on what matters – growing your business.

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